Instant Smile makeover

Are you embarrassed or ashamed of your teeth or smile? Do you find yourself covering Embarrassed by your Smile? your mouth, looking away, or holding your head down in order hide your teeth? Do you have a big event, such as a wedding or interview, coming up where you want to look your best? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then an Instant Smile makeover might be right for you.

An Instant Smile makeover will make your teeth and smile look spectacular! This is the perfect solution for those who need an extreme smile makeover fast or for those who are not quite ready to move forward with dental treatment. An Instant Smile makeover will dramatically improve your appearance and increase your self esteem.

Missing, broken, cracked, crooked, stained, and discolored teeth can all be made to look perfect and natural with an Instant Smile makeover. The Instant Smile appliance is worn over your natural teeth and immediately gives you a breathtaking and beautiful smile. Before Instant Smile MakeoverAfter Instant Smile Makeover Instant Smiles are comfortable and easy to care for. The Instant Smile appliance is made of a natural-looking material which is flexible and strong and does not require any cementation or adhesive to hold them in place. It simply fits snugly over your natural teeth.

An Instant Smile makeover costs about the same as a single porcelain crown or veneer and takes about 10 days to make. Instant Smile makeovers do not require any invasive dental treatment; no anesthesia, no drilling!

It is important to understand that Instant Smile makeovers are for cosmetic purposes only. The Instant Smile appliance should not be worn when eating or sleeping. Instant Smile makeovers do not fix any dental problems or ailments that you may have.

Call our office and we will be happy to set up a consultation to see if an Instant Smile makeover is right for you!